Arts at Mount Ridley College


The Arts department at Mount Ridley College offers innovative and creative programs which focus on providing high quality Visual and Performing Arts skills and methods. Our subject programs are conducted from Prep to VCE, and provide engaging and stimulating content to engage students in the Arts.  Our facilities and focus on ICT technology provide excellent opportunities for students to experience both traditional and contemporary techniques and presentation methods.

Mount Ridley College also conducts a number of extracurricular programs. The Performing Arts area provides music, drama and dance concerts, which are performed both at the school and to the wider community. The Visual Arts area also works closely with the Technology Department and holds an Annual Exhibition and Prize competition which is open to all students undertaking our programs.

Our Senior School Elective program provides tailored and skill specific methods in preparation for VCE and VET. Subjects offered include:


Year 9

Break it!


Music Technology

Remember my Name


Media, Culture and Mass Media

Visual Communication and Design

Creative Expression: Self and Others

Two-Dimensional Art

Three-Dimensional Art

L.E.N.S Photography

Digital Art


Year 10

The Stage

Music Styles in Society



Exploration and Self Expression

Experimental Photography

Digital Art

2D Art

3D Art

Media, Culture and You.

Visual Communication and Design
Media, Culture and You.


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