Physical Education

PE/SPORT at Mount Ridley P – 12 College (MRC) allows students the opportunity to participate in a range of games, sports and physical activities. The College not only allows students to participate in both team and individual sports, but also take on the role of coach or official while developing leadership skills. The content and knowledge of PE will also give students a sound base which allows them to choose PE or Health subjects through to VCE in the upcoming years.


Other opportunities that the College provides to students are the chance to receive Sports Merit Awards and Sports Aids Grants. Both of these awards provide small financial assistance that can contribute toward student sporting commitments outside of school. 


In our Junior years (Prep - Year 4), students develop their Fundamental Motor Skills in Perceptual Motor Programs (PMP) classes which form the basis of all sports. In our Middle years (Years 5 - Year 8) students participate in a range of traditional sports where they are provided with many opportunities to increase their level of fitness, learn new skills and participate with others in a social context. In our Senior years (Years 9 and 10) PE is elective based where students select units based on their strengths and passions.


PE at year 9 runs over one semester only with electives including:

  • Boot Camp
  • Game Sense 1
  • Sport Development Multi Sports
  • Sport Development Football Codes
  • Sport Development Court Sports
  • Physical Activity for Health
  • Get Movin’


PE at year 10 is compulsory for one semester only, however students have the option of selecting PE as a yearlong subject. Electives at year 10 include:

  • Game on Boys or Game on Girls 
  • Game Sense 2
  • Get Active, Get Healthy
  • Physical Activity for Girls Health, Physical Activity for Boys Health (Gender specific class)
  • Super coach
  • Winning at all costs
  • Gym Junkie
  • You really are what you eat


Note: Some of these electives have a cost involved as classes are run offsite using local facilities in the community.


Activities and skills learnt in class time are then further extended as students are offered the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen sport in the Hume Division at an interschool level. MRC has had many teams compete in the Northern Metropolitan Region in Basketball, Netball, Badminton and Rugby.


With the number of students attending MRC growing yearly, so too are the facilities with a range of spaces that students can utilise for their PE classes.


Junior School:

  • Indoor Gym
  • 2 asphalt courts
  • Synthetic oval with running track


Middle / Senior School

  • Indoor Gym
  • Undercover basketball area
  • Main Oval
  • 2 astro turf surfaces
  • As well as access to a council oval just a short walk from the College



Sport at Mount Ridley College

The Sports Program at Mount Ridley College provides a range of opportunities for our students to be active and to participate in a variety of sporting activities. The College Sport Program is divided into Primary and Senior Divisions. The Primary school students have the opportunity to compete as a part of the Green Gully Sports District. The Secondary school students compete as part of the Hume Division. Both Primary and Senior Districts are apart of the Northern Metropolitan Region, which is overseen by School Sport Victoria S.S.V. The College also offers additional skill development opportunities and coaching within the After School Sports Program; coaches for this program are sourced from local sports clubs and organisations.

Students represent the college in a variety of interschool sports including the following:


  • Athletics
  • Cross country
  • A variety of summer and winter sports as well as gala days:



  • Athletics
  • Cross country
  • Swimming
  • A variety of summer and winter sports:


Summer Sports:

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Tennis


Winter Sports:

  • Netball
  • AFL Football
  • AFL Football - Girls
  • Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Rugby


After School Sports Programs A.S.S.P

  • Sports included:
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • AFL football
  • Tennis
  • Hip Hop Dance