Middle School

Government funding of $7 million was provided in the 2008/9 State and Federal Budget to plan and build Stage 2 facilities (Years 5-8).  This stage is opened in January 2010 and includes two learning neighbourhoods incorporating art facilities, large interactive learning and teaching spaces, lecture and creative studios, and science rooms.  A gymnasium, performing arts centre and outdoor stage will also be constructed. 

The completion of Stage 2 of the building program has seen the commencement of Secondary School provision beginning with Year 7 enrolments.  Year 8 students will commence in 2011.  Students in Years 5 and 6 are utilising the Stage 1 buildings during 2009.



The Teaching and Learning program for Year 7 students will involve explicit instruction in content as well as integrated projects that develop links across key learning areas.  Students will undertake the following core areas of study:



Learning Neighbourhood Program

General skill development through “toolbox” sessions such as:

  • Note taking;
  • Effective communication;
  • Research skills;
  • ICT (Computer) skills; and
  • Graphic organisers/thinking tools.

Communication and the Environment

An enhancement of literacy skills, along with an understanding of the interaction between people and the environments that they create and live in.


Logics and Investigation
(Mathematics and Science)

The development of numeracy and logical thinking skills required to competently deal with daily situations and make informed decisions about the well being of future generations.


(Italian or Japanese)

An understanding of communicative skills in the language studied, along with an appreciation of another culture.


Visual Arts

The exploration, understanding and design of artworks in a variety of mediums such as print, video, photography, drawing, painting and digital illustration.


Performing Arts

Creative and imaginative, skill building, awareness of self and an appreciation of others through music and drama.


Health and Physical Education

An understanding of diet, nutrition, physical growth and emotional, social and human development from a theoretical and practical perspective.


Design and Technology

Skill development in the design, manufacture and evaluation of products or systems.  Students will undertake subjects such as Robotics, Food Technology and Information Technology (computers).



As in Year 7, students undertaking Year 8 studies will also complete a series of core areas of study.  They will expand their knowledge of content and development of essential skills through “toolbox” based sessions.