Junior School

Construction of Stage 1, the Prep-4 area, was completed for the start of the 2009 school year.  The buildings are based around learning neighbourhoods with creative, interactive and reflective spaces in each neighbourhood. 

There are Prep to Year 2 and Years 3-4 learning neighbourhoods.  The creative spaces are used for small group work and for problem solving or project based work.  A ‘family room' is situated in the centre of each of the neighbourhoods.  This space is used for social interactions, team teaching and larger group work.  The aim of the ‘family room' is to assist students improve their communication skills and prepare them for life in the wider community.  There is also reflective space for individual work, reading, collaborative work and computing. 

The buildings open onto outdoor learning spaces that provide additional interactive settings.  An art area is also incorporated into each neighbourhood.  In addition, there is a separate music space, a multipurpose room and gymnasium that can be used for the performing arts and indoor recreational activities.  A canteen, resource library and administration area service the P-4 learning neighbourhoods.